Tik Tok

Introduction to Tik Tok

In this course you will learn about the TikTok Business Center and how to start your advertising campaigns.

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TikTok is a unique mobile platform where, everyday, millions of people can showcase their creative talents, or enjoy short form videos that entertain them.

At the center of TikTok is the boundless creativity and storytelling that drives amazing creators to the platform.

The platform offers sight, motion and sound, to allow creators and their followers to tell their stories using default formats and templates.. Sound and music has always been a core part of TikTok’s identity.. With TikTok, you can create mobile content in an auditory environment.

TikTok is unique in that it creates a space in which real people can create videos and express themselves. Its content is relevant, relatable, diverse, and unexpected. On TikTok, with content spanning an endless spectrum of interests and topics, from silly to inspiring, you are sure to find something to brighten anyone’s day. 

TikTok enables everyday people and celebrities alike to connect over shared experiences, and trends that go viral and shape mainstream culture.