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Causa impacto​

Un anuncio de una sola imagen o video es un anuncio de pantalla completa que se puede usar con muchos objetivos. Solo hay que agregar un adjunto y los snapchatters pueden deslizar hacia arriba para interactuar.

Story ads

Reach out to snapchatters with a series of ads

These are sponsored videos that appear in the “premium” tab along with subscriptions, vertical news, influencers, and instant series, etc. These formats do not interrupt the user experience when browsing or consuming content.

Any of the above options ensures a pleasant consumer experience and will increase user engagement with your product. Omnicore estimates that 76% of Snapchat users will shop online during the holiday season, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. After all, Snapchat is considered to be a big player in our present and future technological world. We recognize Snapchat’s fast-paced culture, technological advances, and regenerative ability. Working with Snapchat provides an opportunity to stay up to date and understand the current needs of users in today’s world.


The newest ad format on Snapchat leverages the use of disruptive technology to reach the desired audience through the lens ad format. We are talking about the next level of engagement, where users spend on average more than 30 seconds interacting with brands through this innovative technology. So far, the Snapchatters community has created more than 200 million daily AR users and more than 1.5 million lenses through its Lens Studio software.

Additionally, Instant Ads solutions include performance solutions with the ability to include different CTAs in the lens, as well as different live metrics to optimize each campaign and drive powerful results at every part of the conversion funnel.