Right Engagement

Companies with Completed and Active Pages are More Successful at Achieving Growth Objectives:

LinkedIn Members Engage With An Investment Mindset

Professional network users connect with brands that align with their drive for success.

There are a variety of different needs and interests at the heart of personal and professional networks, and a variety of emotional drivers that fuel them. Marketing to the mindset is about understanding that mindset divide, and aligning your marketing strategy to achieve the desired outcome. LinkedIn and TNS partnered to carry out a global study that surveyed 6,000+ social media users across 12 countries to uncover how marketers can connect to these different mindsets on personal and professional networks.

Personal networks are where people spend time being entertained, while professional networks are where people invest their time. Professional network users want to connect with brands that align with their drive for achievement and success. The type of content users expect from networks will align with their differences in personal mindset. In a ranking of the types of content users look for, “Brand updates” was ranked #2 for those using professional networks, and #9 on personal networks. Professional network users crave insight above all else, and expect to hear from brands 26% more than on personal networks.

Members are here to invest their time. To achieve more meaningful engagement as a marketer, put yourself in their shoes and consider how to reach them with content that can help them develop their careers and better themselves.

How to Engage with Customers on LinkedIn