Launch Something New

Start with the audience on Twitter when you’re launching something new.

Everything new you have to tell is considered a Launch for your audience:

  • Brands
  • Products
  • Features
  • Messages
  • Promotions

If you launch and no one talks about it, did you really launch?

People use Twitter to discover what’s new:
79% like to discover new things. 60% like to be the first to try new things. 53% more likely to be the first to buy new products.

How do you make your launch worth talking about?

It’s not just the reveal that matters. Today’s leading brands build a phased approach.


Align existing consumer insight to Twitter’s audience or engage Twitter to find a new audience insight.


  • Create buzz, awareness, and target a pool of influential early engagers.
  • Target the most influential users when they are more receptive.
  • Leverage content and formats that encourage sharing.


  • Drive mass awareness of your launch to spark conversation and surge your message to the masses.
  • Use mass-reach products to break through and make an outsized impact on a large audience.


  • Reinforce your launch message after the reveal to drive preference and maintain buzz to keep your brand top of mind.
  • Consider multiple creative strategies to test & learn.
  • Re-engage viewers with downstream messaging.

Launch Creative Best Practices

Short and Focused

  • Keep promoted videos to 0:15 or less.
  • When possible keep tweets < 50 characters.

Strong Visuals

  • Use captions and visual cues to get your message across without a sound.

Prominent Branding

  • Include clear and persistent branding throughout the ad.
  • Your logo should be in the upper left-hand corner.