Lack of Digital Marketing Professionals

Working in the field of digital marketing or digital advertisement is something relatively new. It did not exist until 1990, when the creation of the internet revolutionized the way we communicate, and, as a consequence, changed the way companies sell their products and services. In today’s world and the foreseeable future, digital marketing is and will continue to be essential for a successful marketing campaign.

Just as the pandemic economically revolutionized many industries, digital marketing also underwent a transformation. Today more than ever, digital marketing professionals are an essential part of companies. However, the speed at which people are specializing in this area is no match for the speed at which jobs are opening up in this industry.

The demand for marketing professionals has grown exponentially. Digital marketing gives organizations the ability to precisely target audiences, measure impact, and stay ahead of consumers at a time when the average adult spends more time online than ever before.

In multiple countries, a large portion of the workforce started working from home, and consequently, customers’ desire for digital experiences skyrocketed. This, in turn, has given marketers greater insight into their companies, and left them in a better position to provide strategic direction as new opportunities arise.

​​One of every two top marketing jobs listed on LinkedIn is in digital or media-related fields. On LinkedIn, the most sought after marketing employees by volume are digital marketing specialists. Other highly in-demand roles include digital account executives, social media managers, digital marketing managers, copywriters, and digital strategists.

Not only that, but the ability to manage paid advertising on social media is the most in-demand digital skill. According to data from LinkedIn, demand for specialists in paid social media advertising has doubled.

Employers from all industries have raised concerns about the lack of digital advertising skills in the job market. For example, Mark Wright, who runs the England-based digital marketing company Climb Online, says, “I currently have 14 positions available immediately, and in the last month, we have received only one application.”

According to a recent marketing hiring trends report from McKinley Marketing Partners, 94% of marketing leaders said they hired at least one new team member in the past year. However, 44% of hiring managers report that they are unable to find qualified candidates.