Importance of Social Media in Sales

Almost half of the social network users between 16 and 64 years old say that they use social networks to search for information about brands. Therefore, it is essential that companies, businesses, etc., have a presence in them.

Among these same users, a third say that the main reason they use social media is to find inspiration for things to do or buy. Others say it is to find things to buy.

This way of using social media networks opens a great door for marketers to find more specific forms of marketing for their products. In social media networks, marketing professionals can reach thousands of people, managing to find their potential clients in a more specific way than in other marketing media.

Advertising on social networks represents a great opportunity for companies because it means that they can reach a large number of people in a matter of seconds after posting an ad. Depending on the network used, you can also achieve a reduction in costs.

When we talk about segmentation or selection of users in a more specific way, we mean that social networks can segment audiences, that is, define a clear profile of who we want to direct our ads towards. Being able to select gender, age, and location among other details, allows the ads to be targeted more precisely, optimizing the budget in the sense that the destination of the money is well thought out and selected. Businesses want to reach a specific audience and social networks ensure that they do.

Being on social networks also helps brands gain recognition, that is, they gain a place in the minds of consumers so that further on if the logo appears somewhere, people recognize it and understand what it is about. Social networks allow brands to tell their story and are a space where consumers can share their opinions. This creates a much more natural, followed, and personal form of communication between brands, their audience, and their potential customers.

Increasingly, consumers are connecting with brands in the same way they do with their friends and family, through social and messaging apps.