Generation Centennial

(1997-2010) Individuals belonging to this generation are the youngest in the labor market, and are characterized by living immersed in internet society and consuming only digital formats. They study and read online, they are self-taught, and are at the forefront of social networks. They are very creative, flexible, and good at multitasking. They prefer working remotely, and have a highly innovative and pragmatic spirit — but they are not so easy to retain as customers.

They are always connected, often with more than one activity going on simultaneously. They seek immediacy, don’t like to wait, and use messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat. In the job market, they are eager for challenges and are quick to solve problems.

This generation was born with unprecedented access to information. Thanks to the internet, most “zoomers,” as they are known colloquially, have developed a capacity for self-teaching, always satisfying their curiosity and need for learning through digital media. They tend to be more susceptible to visual content, probably because of how easy it is to digest information through videos and infographics.

They have grown up in a social environment very different from that of other generations; an environment full of new movements where ever-changing scenarios are increasingly common. This, in addition to their high level of exposure to information, makes them more tolerant and open to new ideas.

They are very likely to interact in online communities, so they tend to build connections with people they do not know in real life. They also have a high capacity for cooperation and communication within the virtual environment.

Because of this, today’s advertisers seek consumer participation. It is no longer just about targeting potential customers, but about communicating at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.