The course consists of 23 live meetings held on twice a week. It is a requirement to attend at least 75% of these, meaning that only 7 absences are allowed.

If you do not make the mandatory attendance percentage, you will be notified and will not be able to continue with the course.

In order to move forward through the content of the course, it is necessary to read all the lesson topics, and complete the corresponding knowledge checks. These checks consist of:

  • Selecting the correct answer to a question
  • Stating whether a statement is true or false
  • Matching concepts with terms

To earn our certification, it is a mandatory requirement to have completed all the knowledge checks with a passing score.

As a final assessment, students must complete an exam using our platform. This exam will include a review of all the content taught throughout the entire course. The exam will be administered during the last week of classes.

The exam consists of:

  • Selecting the correct option (multiple choice)
  • Stating whether a statement is true or false.
  • Matching concepts with terms.

It is important to set time aside to complete this exam in a calm environment.