Auction delivery controls are available for campaigns that have a lifetime budget. With these delivery controls you can specify how your budget is spent on your ad delivery. There are three spend options for auction ad delivery:

  • Standard delivery
  • Accelerated delivery
  • Day-parting

Note: When you schedule your ad delivery it must run for one hour at a minimum.

Standard delivery

Standard ad delivery for auction allows you to spend your budget evenly over the course of a day. Ads time frame in mind for their campaign, a total budget overall for a campaign, or just have a set amount that you want to spend per day default to standard delivery, so it’s important to change this if you require another spend option to meet your campaign goals.

Accelerated delivery

Accelerated ad delivery allows you to spend your budget as quickly as possible, which can result in faster delivery. This means that your ad will appear in all possible auctions for the target audience at its full max bid. Accelerated delivery is best used if you want outcomes as fast as possible and you’re less concerned about cost. It’s usually not recommended that you use accelerated delivery, as it prevents our system from pacing your budget and bid. 


Day-parting allows you to spend your budget during the time of day or day of the week you choose (when using a lifetime budget). Using this spend option can help you to show your ad to the right people at the most advantageous time depending on your campaign goals. You may also want to select day- parting to avoid running your ad on a certain time of day or day of the week that would provide your campaign little to no value. Here are some examples of when to choose day-parting:

  • You don’t do business during a certain time of day or week.
  • You’re launching a product, such as a breakfast sandwich, that’s primarily  purchased during a certain time of day or week.
  • You’re selling merchandise for a TV show and want your ads to appear directly after the show airs.