Impact of creatives on performance

As you swipe and scroll, what types of ads get your attention? What qualities spark your interest and persuade you to make a purchase? An ad that’s well-executed creatively may help you learn about a new brand. Likewise, a strategically placed ad about an item you’ve wanted may convince you it’s time to purchase. 

While ad creative is critical, there’s no exact formula for success. There are, however, practices that can improve performance.  Creative that aligns with the marketing funnel tends to get noticed and inspire action. To align your creative to the marketing funnel, first choose the ad objective that most closely aligns with your business goals. 

For your campaigns to achieve the results you want, the creative should inspire the right people. It should also reach them at the right time and inspire them to take the action that aligns with the objective you choose.  Let’s explore how to develop creative aligned to your business goals to achieve the results you want.



People tend to browse our platforms for content with an open mind, so it’s wise to consider who you want to reach and create ads that grab their attention. If your business goals are to raise awareness among potential new customers or improve affinity among people who already like your brand, select the Awareness objective. Review the creative to ensure it aligns with the objective and targeting strategy you’ve built in Ads Manager. For your creatives, Facebook recommends you include your branding in the first three seconds of the ad to make sure that people associate the ad with your brand.


Demonstrate your value to your audience and get them to take action. Use creative that clearly demonstrates the value of your product. We recommend using videos in your campaign to capture attention. Successful videos designed for sound off are visually delightful with a clear focal point and an exceptionally clear message. At this stage, your creatives can give your audience an opportunity to signal intent through an action, so make sure you use data sources to capture this intent. You may also want to send customers to your website for a closer look at your products or entice them with an offer


Increase effective and meaningful outcomes once your audience is ready to take action. To help increase conversions, you might want to combine static images with video. It is recommended to use the Sales objectives to showcase your products and create a sense of urgency with a strong call-to-action when your audience is ready to convert.