Dynamic Creative

Dynamic creative finds optimized ad creative combinations by taking multiple ad components (such as images, videos, titles, descriptions and CTAs) and automatically generates combinations of these assets across audiences. The delivery system then optimizes for creative components that can deliver efficient results for each impression served. Dynamic creative ads will work to serve your audiences in the most high–performing creative combinations. 

Dynamic creative is ideal for advertisers with many assets(creatives) who want to learn which creative resonates with different audiences. However, it’s not a substitute for split testing. Dynamic creative provides multiple benefits. It saves time during ad creation, helps improve ad performance and encourages advertisers to try new creative. 

Creative best practices :

  • Having creative images with one focal point versus many in product and lifestyle contexts can impact lower funnel attributes such as purchase intent or attributed view content events positively. Similarly, using context type images with one focal point can impact brand awareness positively.
  • Use video: Video prompts both brand and direct response outcomes. Today’s video ads are interactive, shorter and mobile. You can prompt action from videos, when paired with the right targeting, optimization and call- to-action, which makes it a more functional medium for direct response than it has been in the past.
  • Optimize video ads for mobile viewing: Based on how people view content on mobile, we recommend:
    • Capturing attention quickly
    • Creating short videos (15 seconds or less)
    • Incorporating the brand early
    • Designing for sound-off experiences
    • Building for vertical viewing


  • Static images and video work better together. Direct response campaigns that combine video and static image ads have the highest conversion lift outcomes compared to static-only campaigns. This implies that the two formats may complement each other in messaging and/or attract different audiences.


  • Optimization of the creatives can help improve results: Mobile advertisers can use information and insights to fuel marketing strategies. Testing of creatives can help you optimize your campaign and can have a significant impact on performance. Optimization can also help to avoid creative fatigue. Creative fatigue happens when your ad performance suffers due to overexposure. If you’re worried about your ad creative getting stale:


  • Decreases in CTR as frequency increases
  • Increases in CPA as frequency increases  

Dynamic ads match your audience’s intent, captured from your website, your mobile app or elsewhere on the web (like Facebook or other websites), to help increase demand and sales for your online catalog. Dynamic ads look exactly like other ads but they allow you to create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your catalog for items you’d like to advertise.

A catalog is a container that holds information about the items in your inventory. After you create a catalog, you can create ads and commerce experiences that pull information from your catalog to show people your items.

This will help you automatically personalize your ad creative at scale without having to create thousands of individual ads. There are currently products tailored to four different dynamic ad verticals.