Campaign Buying Types

There are 3 types of Buying:

  • Auction.
  • Reach and frequency.
  • Target rating point (TRP).


Auction buying:

Auction buying offers more choice, efficiency and flexibility, with less predictable results. Ads can be placed across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. It’s recommended that campaigns placed on Facebook or Instagram use the auction buying type.

Reach and frequency buying:

Reach and frequency buying lets you plan and buy your campaigns in advance, with predictable ad delivery and more control over your frequency settings.

TRP buying:

TRP buying is limited to eligible campaigns only. TRP is a buying type that lets you extend, augment and complement your TV campaigns to Facebook and Instagram. With TRP you can plan and buy video campaigns using Nielsen-verified TRPs, like TV and other online video channels. Your ad will then be optimized towards Nielsen on-target delivery according to your target audience.

With TRP, you can:
·  Measure impressions as a percentage of the target population.
·  Buy video ads the same way and in the same currency as you buy other Facebook and Instagram ads.