Automatic and Manual Placements

Automatic placements enable us to get the best results available from across all default placements. Because Meta can choose the best results from the widest range possible, automatic placements typically the most efficient use of your ad budgets and helps control costs. We recommend it for most advertisers.

Another benefit of automatic placements is that if you decide to duplicate a campaign, any new placements will automatically become available for your duplicated ad.

Manual placements: You might choose to exclude a particular placement as part of your strategy. For example, a luxury goods retailer might feel that only Instagram fits their brand.
You don’t need to remove a placement if you’re not sure whether it’s popular with your audience or if it appears to be expensive in reporting. Automatic placements will concentrate your budget on the combination of placements that is likely to get you the best overall results.

Use edit (manual) placements for brand safety: Brand safety means preventing ads from delivering alongside content that isn’t favorable to your brand. Some advertisers see this as particularly important with embedded content, such as Facebook in-stream, Audience Network and Facebook Instant Articles.
If brand safety is a concern, you may not have to remove placements. We offer brand safety controls that allow you to block websites, apps and Facebook Pages where you don’t want your ads to appear.