Digital Ad Certificate – Digital Marketing (Self-paced)

Welcome to our Digital Marketing and Paid Media certification! We hope that your journey through the content is enjoyable and that you become one of the next 100,000 professionals in Digital Advertising.

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Below you will find the content and activities to complete your certification.

The entire course is carried out linearly, and it can be completed one text and exercise at a time. To access the final exam, it’s necessary to go through all the modules that will gradually become available. Modules have a progressive release, meaning that some content will be unlocked after a certain time following the start of the course.

The module release schedule is as follows:

  • Module 1 – Course Methodology <> Module 4 – Audience -> At the beginning of the course.
  • Module 5 – Brand Personality <> Module 7 – Social Media -> 2 days after the course starts.
  • Module 8 – Performance <> Module 13 – Meta Ads -> 3 days after the course starts.
  • Module 14 – Data Analytics <> Module 16 – Professional Development -> 4 days after the course starts.
  • Module 16 – Final Exam -> 5 days after the course starts.

You’re now ready to begin and take your first steps into the world of Digital Marketing.

We wish you the best of luck!