Media Buyer – Tasks

  • Research

The first thing a Media Buyer should do is analyze the client’s network profile, analyze their previous results, if they exist, also audit the information we have on sales of the company/business and, on the other hand, investigate the market, main competitors, Current situation.

Carrying out this internal analysis of behavior and results, plus an external analysis of the competition, gives the professional the key starting point to move forward with an intelligent proposal for action.

  • Defining your audience or buyer persona

They already know the importance of building and knowing the ideal client of our business or company.

  • Strategy

Define a strategy based on the data collected and the buyer where we also define the media planning and budget.

  • Create and execute social media campaigns

The media buyer must know how each of the platforms or tools works where they can launch the campaigns.

Within each platform, you’ll need to select the right goal, segment the right target, and apply the creatives.


  • Analysis, monitoring and optimization of campaigns

You must take care of analyzing the metrics or KPIs to know their status and see if they are really working or if changes need to be implemented.

From this analysis you must implement improvements to optimize the campaign and improve results.