Course Objectives and Other Basics

In this certification course, students will learn about the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, including proper terminology, uses, and methods of execution.

They will obtain up-to-date information about the digital world, with the aim of understanding the reach and importance that social networks have in today’s world. Students will learn about how these platforms are consumed, how they impact society, and what repercussions they have on individuals, brands, and companies.

We will teach you how to set clear objectives — something we emphasize throughout the training. We will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the type of business you want to promote, which in turn will help you understand what kind of audience you want to impact with your communications, and how to best achieve this. 

Students will also learn how to outline that audience, and build a clear profile of who they will be targeting, in order to achieve better results.

In short, students will gain knowledge of all the steps involved in a complete marketing strategy, how to be precise when creating an online advertising campaign, and get the results they are looking for.

Finally, we will provide you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to run a campaign on our social media partners: Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok and Meta. Everyone will have the opportunity to earn badges on the selected platforms to add to their resumes.

Before finishing the course, we will also share with you some tips and tools for your first digital marketing job interview, and how to successfully complete your CV or resume on LinkedIn to capture the attention of recruiters.

This certification will demonstrate that you have acquired specific tools with a unique value, granting you credibility as a digital marketing professional.

While working toward your certification, you will work using a cooperative methodology, which aims to increase student learning and collective knowledge.

We believe that discussion is a means of exchanging ideas that inspires reflection and inquiry, more in-depth learning, and knowledge that evolves through the process.

We offer a study plan that includes both asynchronous and synchronous environments. We consider classes to be a workspace shared among peers, and we encourage active and collaborative learning.

Cooperative work allows students to create responsible and lasting relationships, increases motivation and commitment, and promotes cognitive and social development.

Classes will be held for 2 hours, two times a week.

For the live classes, students will be given digital materials containing explanations of the basic concepts related to the day’s work, and will be required to complete an activity. Activities include individual work, team debates, or group activities involving interaction between groups.

All the content necessary to complete the certification will be available on our learning platform,

The content will be cumulative, so in order to participate in the next topic or unit, each section must be completed in the order in which it is presented. 

Course materials will encompass a variety of formats, including audiovisual, graphic, and written content.