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Online program aimed at small & medium business. We will provide guidance and support on topics related to Meta advertising. This program is exclusive for Aleph´s clients.

Start: 08/11/2022

Duration: 1

Join if you are:

Beginner Advertiser

Start from the basics and go through the different modules to acquire knowledge and launch Meta campaigns.

Advanced Advertiser

Acquire knowledge about digital advertising and hone your skills to scale Meta campaigns.

Why enroll in SMB Incubator?

Learning modules

Navigate through the different modules and perfect your knowledge in Meta advertising.


As you progress through the different modules, you will have the opportunity to book a meeting with an Account Manager.


Be part of the biggest community of professionals in Meta.

Incubator Program

Navigate the different modules and a final evaluation to gain perspective on your Meta learning process.


  • 01

    Learn how to use Ads manager. Select the right marketing objective, the correct target audience, ad placement, and ad format when you create an ad.

  • 02

    Know all Business Manager Essentials. If you don’t already have a Business Manager account for your Page, here’s how you can create one.

  • 03

    Meet Meta Pixel: Measure the effectiveness of your ads by understanding the actions that people take on your website.


  • 01

    Learn how Advantage Campaign Budgeting works. Distributing a budget to the highest performing ad sets, advertisers can maximize the total value of their campaign.

  • 02

    Create custom or lookalike audiences and show ads to people who have already interacted with your business, or maybe they’ve reacted to your Facebook Page posts, purchased products on your website, downloaded your app or visited your shop.

  • 03

    Learn how to set up events and measure the actions you care about, like making a purchase, downloading a file or even watching a specific page of your website.


  • 01

    Learn how Creative Strategies will work to serve your audiences in the most high–performing creative combinations.

  • 02

    Use reporting and best measurement practices to see if your ads are helping your brand meet your business goals in real time

  • 03

    Facebook offers several brand safety controls for preventing your ads from running alongside certain types of content. Learn all about brand safety.


  • 01

    Comprehension of Business Manager and its tools as a whole in a marketing strategy.

  • 02

    Learner optimization capability in Meta campaigns according to the pursued marketing goal.

  • 03

    Business strategies applied to Marketing Campaigns with clear measure and reporting status.

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