How to Create an Ad Group

Name your ad group

Define your audience

Set your delivery (schedule and budget)

Step 1: Name your Ad Group

Get your targeting into the name. Example: “Country_Targeting_Device” = “USA_Humor-InterestGroup_Mobile” (up to 200 characters)

Step 2: Define your Audience (targeting criteria)

Note: Unless you tell us not to, we’ll auto-optimize your targeting to reach communities and interest groups that are similar to the ones you’ve picked. This is an easy way to get more eyes on your ads and help you get your best click-through rate (CTR). If you see more delivery than wanted, you can tweak your budget accordingly. For more specifics, check out our article on audience targeting.




As you set up your targeting, leverage our audience size tool for guidance on how targeting settings impact audience size. The audience size you see here is an estimate of the audience that is eligible to see your ad. If you find your audience is too narrow, consider opening up your targeting to reach more Redditors. Keep in mind that this number does not represent how many people will actually see your ad, and is not a proxy for monthly or daily active users on Reddit.

  1. Enter the locations where you’d like your ads to run.

    • If you leave this blank, your ads will run worldwide.
    • To paste in or enter a list of locations to include or exclude, click BULK ENTRY and enter them. Add one location per line.
    • To keep your ads from showing in certain locations, click Exclude, and enter those locations.


  1. Check off any interests you’d like to target.
  2. Choose any communities you’d like to include or exclude with your targeting (these are redditors who are subscribed or who’ve recently interacted with a subreddit).

    • To paste in or enter a list of communities to include or exclude, click BULK ENTRY and enter them. Add one location per line.
    • To keep your ads from showing in certain communities, click Exclude, and enter those communities.


Specify device targeting: All, mobile, desktop.
Note: For App Install campaigns, you have additional options: You can target mobile, and specific devices within mobile (iOS and Android).


  1. Specify ad placement: Feed (default), Conversation, or Both.

    • You can only set one placement per ad group, so you’ll need to create a separate ad group for each placement.
    • For reporting purposes, it’s a best practice to separate out Mobile and Desktop ad groups, but it’s especially helpful with Conversation placement because Mobile and Desktop have different headline character limitations (100 character limit on Mobile and 300 character limit on Desktop).
    • For more information on ad placements and how your ad will be displayed on each platform and placement, see our Ad Placements article.


Step 3: Set your delivery (schedule and budget)

Finally, set your ad group’s schedule and budget. Reddit is an auction-based platform, which means that impressions are not guaranteed. The number of impressions actually delivered depends on targeting, bid, and traffic to Reddit.

  • Budget
    • Daily budget
      • You have an amount you’d like to spend on your ad group per day
      • You will sometimes deliver a bit more or a bit less than the value you set here
    • Lifetime budget
      • You have an amount you’d like to spend over a given date range.
      • Your ad group will try to deliver your average daily spend each day until you hit your total budget. After that, your ad will turn off.

        Note: Once you’ve saved the ad group, your budget selection (daily or lifetime) is set. You won’t be able to change it.


  • Bid – The Reddit Ads platform works on a second price auction: The top bid for a given targeting set will end up clearing on the second highest bid plus $0.01. You will want to select a bid that reflects the most you are willing to pay.
    • CPM (‘Brand Awareness and Reach’ campaign objective) – Add your bid per 1,000 impressions (CPM).
    • CPC (‘Traffic’, ‘Conversions’, or ‘App Install’ campaign objective) – Add your bid per click
    • CPV (‘Video Views’ campaign objective) – Add your bid per video view
  • Note: You can use our bid recommendation tool to get a better understanding of the bidding landscape for the audience you are trying to reach. The bid recommendation tool provides you with three bid estimates to win you 25%, 50%, and 75% of the auctions you are eligible for, respectively.

Schedule – Choose when your ad group will run. Campaigns can run continuously starting from the date of creation, or have a fixed start/end date.